PHASE ONE Podcast topics…

1 Origin stories
    “With great power…”
2 Superman
    “Truth, Justice, all that stuff…”
3 Batman
    “Holy analytical discussions!”
4 Doctor Who
    “Have you ever thought what it’s like to be wanderers in the fourth dimension?”
5 Star Trek (Everything except reboots and Wrath of Khan)
    “Don’t tell me how to do this”
6 Marvel Movies
    “…comes great responsibility”
7 Terry Gilliam
    “My brain hurts!”
8 JJ Trek (plus wider films of JJ Abrams)
    “The Star Wars audition reel”
9 Remakes/Reboots
    “It’s Groundhog Day!
10 The Alien Movies
    “You are my lucky star…”
11 Female action movies
    “Where the hell are they?”
12 Spielberg
    “The shark still looks fake”
13 Star Wars
    “Not the podcast you’re looking for…”
14 The Wrath of Khan plus SFS, TVH
    “We don’t believe in the no win scenario”
15 Trilogies after the fact
    “Something’s gotta be done about your kids!”

16 Non-Marvel Marvel movies
    “True believers”

17 Christmas special
    “Thank God it’s Christmas!”


Our Phase 2 will include podcasts on:
DC animated, Tarantino/Rodriguez, Godzilla and kaiju,
Kevin Smith, Romero, 80s action movies, BATMAN 66, The Muppets, SNL movies, Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellan and much, much more…

If you want to ask us question on any of these topics then tweet us @middlingtweets using #AskTheMiddle and the best ones we’ll answer in the show.


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